At Piramal, it is our belief that Quality is a collective responsibility and is woven into the fabric of our organization and here quality is aligned as a business strategy within the organization. There is presence of strong governance and escalation mechanism which forms the foundation of our quality organization. We in true sense exercise autonomy and have a reporting structure independent of operations. We employ a robust review process using various tools including data integrity calculations and drive towards an audit readiness scorecard that quantifies the quality health of sites within the organization, and potentially, predict quality outcomes. Stringent internal audits at manufacturing sites by the Corporate QA team are a means to proactively identify risks and mitigate them, resulting in stellar Regulatory Track Record over period of the past decade. None of our sites have received a consent decree or an import ban or a regulatory denial from Health authorities or Customers.

We had 85+ regulatory approvals from different authorities, faced 110+ regulatory Inspections and close to 640 customer audits. We have> 500 years of aggregate experience in top quality team.

Our Global Quality Head was ranked amongst the “Top 50 most Influential People In Quality” by World Quality Congress, 2015.

  • An autonomous and independent function
  • >500 years of aggregate experience in the quality leadership team
  • Quality at Piramal is a collective responsibility
  • Quality is integrated in all key decisions
  • Customer knows what to expect at any location
    • Service
    • Comfort
    • Value
  • Brand dictates culture/hires/policies/intangibles
  • Execution is driven locally


2019 Frost & Sullivan Global Customer Service Leadership Award

2019 CMO Leadership Award

CII South Region EHS Excellence Award

CPhI India, Pharma Awards 2018


Self-policing initiative

Invest in an experienced quality team : (> 500 years of experience within quality team).

Drive robust escalation matrix

Empower Quality function

Align quality with (as) business strategy

Treat "Quality" & "Integrity" as part of culture

Evolve Quality Management systems to "Best in Class"

Our Strengths:

  • 24x7 Audit Readiness
  • Continual Improvement
  • All time Data Integrity Compliant
  • Clear regulatory track record
  • Cost effectives-Quality at A cost and not X
  • IT Quality Set up
  • WORK SMART : Our tools acts as enablers that helps us understand areas of i improvement so as to channelize our energy on critical areas of improvement.
  • Predictive Quality and Regulatory Maintenance for proactive measures which includes well defined quality and regulatory policies and strategies.
  • Efficiency Improvement through Lean Implementation.
  • 21 CFR compliance. All our sites are automated to the best possible automation which are well recognized by regulatory authorities.

"A strong quality culture is best indicated by what is done when nobody is looking. Culture is the cornerstone of Quality" and at Piramal we are proud to have it inculcated in our Culture.