ADC Clinical/Commercial Manufacturing

We are a world-leading multi-product facility for clinical and commercial manufacturing of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) and other bioconjugates. Besides, we have a robust process development, characterization, optimization, and scale-up expertise supporting successful GMP manufacturing.


Piramal has been manufacturing ADCs for over 15 years.


  • Three clinical and commercial-scale GMP manufacturing suites
  • Successfully audited by US FDA, MHRA, PMDA, ANVISA, and Turkish Ministry of Health
  • All suites can support chromatographic purification capabilities
  • Batch sizes up to ca. 3kg input mAb
  • Up to 1000L reactive volume capability depending on the complexity
  • Dedicated or single-use product-contact manufacturing components
  • Handling capability for derivatives or analogs of highly potent cytotoxic agents or natural and synthetic origin: auristatin, maytansanoids, duocarmycins, and others
  • Containment to 10ng/m3 OEL

#1 For A Reason

  • Over 900 ADC batches manufactured
  • Over 500 GMP batches manufactured
  • Over 190 different conjugates from 120 antibodies
  • Over 60 different toxin/toxin-linker system
  • Over 35 different ADCs manufactured to GMP
  • Over 200 commercial batches manufactured