We manufacture, supply and distribute commercial formulations for oral solids from our Sellersville, Morpeth and Pithampur facilities. Apart from OSDs we also provide liquids, creams and ointments from our Sellersville facility and sterile injectables from our Lexington site. We are a trusted manufacturing partner to leading biotech, small and virtual pharmaceutical companies as well as mid-size and big pharmaceutical companies. Our scalability is defined from pilot level to commercial level to serve customers at every stage of drug lifecycle from manufacturing perspective. We leverage our global network of manufacturing sites and are successful in supplying commercial formulations to the US, Europe, Japan and Asia Pacific markets.

Oral Solids

Our manufacturing facilities located in Sellersville- US, Morpeth- UK, and Pithampur- India, are USFDA inspected. These sites offer a broad spectrum of oral solids such as conventional tablets, modified release formulations, press coated tablets and hard gelatin capsules.We specialize in hormonal and potent oral solid formulations manufactured in a dedicated and segregated suite.

Dose Forms Handled

  • Tablets (Film-coated/IR/ER/MR)
  • Sublingual
  • Orally disintegrating tablets
  • Hard gelatin capsules (Powders, granules, and pellets)
  • Special solid dosage forms
    • Press coated tablets (Tablet in tablet)
    • Bi-layer tablets
    • Controlled release solids (Matrix)

Process knowledge and expertise in solid dose operations

  • Containment suite for hormonal products (Oral contraceptive pills)
  • Setup for the development and manufacturing of potent oral solid formulations
  • Wet and dry granulation
  • Roller compaction
  • Fluid bed processing and drying
  • Compression and encapsulation
  • Film coating and tablet coating
  • Press coating technology
  • High-speed blister packaging and bottle packaging capability
  • Dedicated low RH block, can handle up to 20% RH