Proof of Concept Studies

With individualized programs in the offering, we offer a fast-track early-stage development service for your ADC and bioconjugate program to meet your needs.

Tailored to meet your needs

Cost-effective proof-of-concept conjugation service to demonstrate the viability of cytotoxic drugs or monoclonal antibodies for use as therapeutic ADCs.

Customer antibodies for conjugation suitability

  • Comparison of different chemistries (cysteine and lysine)
  • Range of different linkers available (cleavable, non-cleavable, and PEGylated)
  • Variety of payloads available (microtubule disrupting drugs, DNA damaging compounds, protein ribosome-inactivating toxins, and chelators for radioimmunotherapy)
  • Preparation of different drug loadings
  • Analytical characterization and screening of conjugates

Customer cytotoxic or linker technologies

  • Ability to make various conjugates with model antibodies using linker or drug platforms
  • Experienced with a range of novel linker technologies

ADC Standards to Benchmark Client Materials

  • A model antibody with DAR 2 and DAR 4 with different ADC toxins