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In-vitro Biology Services

Piramal’s in vitro Biology is designed to provide best in class support to our clients to enable their preclinical drug discovery, including assay development, hit identification, hit-to-lead and lead optimization, including HTS, multiplex assay development, primary/secondary functional assays, HCS, and selectivity. Our assay team can develop, and screen compounds, with miniaturization of assays achieved by using 96 and 384-well plates. Our assays are validated rigorously using tool compounds with QC established (signal: noise ratio; Z’-prime;uniformity; reproducibility).


  • In-vitro Biology offers high quality screening through-
    • Target based screening
      • Enzymes (kinases, proteases, phosphatases, dehydrogenases etc.)
      • GPCR
      • Ion Channels
      • Nuclear Receptor
      • Protein-protein interaction
    • Phenotype based screening (based on the therapeutic Indication)
  • Experienced team well versed in biochemistry, cell biology, HTS, HCS and protein engineering
  • Dedicated instrumentation to provide evaluation across multiple formats such as fluorescence (HTRF,FP FI), luminescence, alphascreen and MS
  • All of our service offerings are available under one roof, giving you a seamless experience

Some of the key instruments are listed below:

  • Liquid handling systems/Pipetting stations
    • Echo 650(Acoustic Dispensing)
    • Integra
    • Biomek i7 (Beckman Coulter) integrated with PHERAstar
    • 96-well microplate washer
  • Multimode plate readers
    • Polarstar (BMG Labtech)
    • CLARIOstar(BMG Labtech)
    • PHERAstar FSX (BMG Labtech)
    • FLIPR Penta
  • High Content Screening Instruments
    • ImageXpress Confocal Microscope (Molecular Devices)
    • Incucyte SX5
  • Multiplexing Systems
    • LSR Fortessa X20 (BD) - 18 colors
    • MESO QuickPlex SQ 120MM (MSD)
  • Bioanalytical
    • HPLCs (Agilent, Shimadzu)
    • LC-MS/MS