ADC Fill/Finish

We provide aseptic filling of ADC and bioconjugate drug products through our FDA-approved state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Lexington, KY. Our facility utilizes mobile isolator technology, providing an ISO 5 environment during processing, as well as product containment for potent and cytotoxic products.

Specialized aseptic filling capabilities

  • Pre-formulation and formulation of liquid and lyophilized drug products
  • Liquid and lyophilized drug product manufacturing
  • Vial sizes from 2-50ml
  • Dispensing volumes from 0.5-50ml
  • Batch sizes of up to 50,000 vials for liquid-filled products
  • Batch sizes of up to 15,000 vials for lyophilized products
  • Approved for both clinical and commercial manufacturing of drug products