Pharmaceutical Development Services

We offer pharmaceutical development services for oral solids, liquids, creams, ointment and sterile injectable from our facilities in US, UK and India. As a leader in integrated solutions, we seamlessly engage our global sites to conduct development work in parallel; accelerating time to market and reduce costs for our customers.

Pharmaceutical Development Capabilities

  • Phase I to III clinical development (NCEs)
    • Oral Solids
    • Sterile Injectables
    • Liquid filled Capsules
    • Creams and Ointments
    • Powder-in-bottle to Drug-in-Capsules
  • Formulation Development in various dosage Forms
    • Oral Solids
      • Conventional oral solid forms
      • Oral disintegrating tablets
      • Sublingual tablets
      • Press coated tablets (Sub coated tablets)
      • Bi-layered, Delayed release, Modified release
      • Granules for reconstitution
    • Sterile Formulations
      • Sterile Liquids – Injectable & Ophthalmic
      • Lyophilized products
      • In-situ salt formations
      • Non-aqueous formulations for liquid
      • Nanoparticles and Liposomes
    • Creams and Ointments
  • Paediatric formulations
  • Hormonal formulations (Oral contraceptive pills)
  • Controlled drug substances
  • Oncology drug products (Sterile and Solid Dosages)

Key Features of Pharmaceutical Development

  • Supports development to clinical manufacturing (50 g to 35 kg)
  • Blinding by over-encapsulation
  • Capability to handle low RH compounds handling (<30%)
  • High-potency compounds (OEL: 1 µg/m3)
  • Design of experiments using Statistica software
  • Multi-particulates (GPCG 2 and 30)
  • Explosion-proof area for handling non-aqueous Solvents
  • Manufacturing suites for liquids, creams and ointment production
  • Specialized IPQC tools such as Geopyc, Shulze Ring-shear tester for powder / compacts evaluation, sifting & fluidization type Segregation Testers