Lifecycle Management

With our strong development and regulatory capabilities, and backed by 80 certifications across manufacturing sites, we actively assist customers with Life Cycle management of their products.

We assist our customers with the following:

  • Improve / Manage the margins of life cycle products.
  • Extent patent life by developing extensions of the current dosage forms :
    • Paediatric Dosages
    • Modified Release
    • Simpler dosage form: Liquid from a Lyophilised form
  • Improve supply chain modalities
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Site Transfers
  • API Source change/Additions
  • Regulatory Support

Featured Services

  • Pharmaceutical Development Services
  • New Dosage form development for existing dosages
  • Modified release profiles for existing IR solid dosage form
  • Site transfers: Support on change of manufacturing sites in APIs/formulations which needs high levels of project management services, process improvement acumen and intense focus on operational efficiencies
  • API Source change / Additions: API source additions for smoothers supply chain and cost reduction
  • Regulatory support