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Piramal Pharma Solutions

As the pharmaceutical industry has evolved over the last several years, Piramal Pharma Solutions’ philosophy of Customer Centricity has been further defined to the point where today we see Patient Centricity at its core. While it’s true that we are highly focused on delivering for our customers, it’s also true that patients are the ultimate beneficiaries of the work that we – and our customers – are doing every day. Understanding patients’ needs and building an organization that is dedicated to addressing those needs is the foundation of Patient Centricity. It drives us to analyze every element of our operations to ensure that they align with what is essential to our customers and their patients, and make changes where necessary.

Piramal Pharma Solutions

To catalyze these changes, Piramal Pharma Solutions has taken meaningful steps to make Patient Centricity fundamental to its corporate structure and mindset. By shifting its focus from products to patients, we enhance patient lives while strengthening customer relationships.

Piramal Pharma Solutions

Patient Awareness Council

At the heart of our Patient Centricity ethos lies the Patient Awareness Council. These visionaries are the people who put Patient Centricity into action. All of our thirteen global sites are represented on the Council, whose role is to manifest the momentum for change both locally and globally by:

  • Creating awareness for the patient perspective of each project
  • Ensuring operational systems and processes recognize and impact patient well-being, and adjusting when existing protocols do not meet the new standard
  • Promoting intended results for improving and saving lives
  • Stressing the importance of meeting customer expectations for project delivery
  • Displaying a commitment to making a difference in patient’s lives Soon after launch, Patient Centricity moved from a concept to a way of doing business. Sites are demonstrating an unwavering commitment to this new ethos, going above and beyond the day-to-day norms. Despite the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic, Piramal Pharma Solutions employees have shown their commitment to Patient Centricity in enhanced processes with a renewed commitment to delivering for clients, including emergency production runs of API and manufacturing of low volume drug product for an orphan drug.

“By aligning our mission with that of our customers, we become a better partner, working towards the same common goal.”

- Peter DeYoung, CEO

“Our Patient Awareness Council is designed to influence change, improve processes, and enhance operations, all with the goal of increasing our ability to deliver for patients.”

- Stuart Needleman, Chief Patient Centricity Officer