We offer comprehensive development services to help the customer address complex drug development challenges and bring more products to the market faster. Our highly experienced R&D teams and a proven track record of regulatory and commercialization success ensures achievement of optimal molecular forms and therapeutic profiles.

API Process Development and Optimization Services

Our 100 strong scientist team with over 3 decades of experience supported by a global network of development labs, kilo labs and pilot plants provides API process development and optimization services for Innovator companies.

Pre-clinical (non-GMP) manufacturing

Whether project needs are for Preclinical API or starting materials and intermediates, Piramal can accommodate a wide range of manufacturing scales.

Pre-formulation studies

Piramal Pharma Solution's pre-formulation service can provide valuable information and expertise to guide the compounds to next steps. Our pre-formulation team has extensive experience handling a wide range of compounds and can suggest the path forward for early success.

Pharmaceutical Development Services

Our global development centers located in US, UK and India offer formulation development services for oral solids, liquids, creams, ointments, and sterile injectable.

Analytical Services

From our state-of-the-art facilities we offer full range of analytical services, including analytical method development, validation and transfer, stability studies, comparator and in-process testing.