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The global feed market is expected to increase at a CAGR of 4.7% by 2026. The primary factor driving the animal feed industry is the rise in the consumption of animal meat and meat products of several livestock animals.

With our customized animal feed premixes, we contribute to the health and wellness of the livestock by providing them with a broad range of functional ingredients like vitamins and minerals. This will effectively enhance the quality of end products like milk, eggs and meat. 

With the demand for animal protein increasing globally, we see the highest increase in demand for poultry eggs and meat. Hence, the poultry sector needs to evolve and provide sustainable solutions to meet challenging market trends. We specialize in providing high quality, customized poultry feed premixes. 

Our purpose is to collaborate with the customers and provide them with transformative, best-in-class and cost-effective animal nutrition solutions aimed at improving the efficiency, wellbeing and performance of various species.

Customized Vitamin Mineral Premix-Powder Form

i) Broiler Vitamin Premix:

  • Essential for Normal Growth & production
  • Absence of Vitamins mean birds develops deficiency diseases which hamper production

ii) Layer Vitamin Premix:

  • To prevent deficiency of Vitamins
  • Ensure Maximum egg production

iii) Breeder Vitamin Premix:

  • To ensure good chick quality
  • Good health & production

iv) Mineral Premix for Broiler, Layer & Breeder:

  • Enhance disease resistance in Chicken
  • Improves digestion, appetite and feed intake.

Customized Oily & Water Miscible Vitamin Products

Vitamin A Palmitate 1.6mIu/g:

  • Used for Vitamin Liquid Preparation

Liquid Vitamin ADEC WM

  • Improves Immunity
  • Reduces stress

Liquid Vitamin A WM:

  • Spot high dose of Vitamin A
  • Improves Immunity and reduces stress

Vitamin E + Selenium

  • Improves immunity and reduces stress.

Animal Nutrition Product List

Product Name Category
Nicomix-Trace Mineral Premix PREMIXES for BROILER,LAYER & BREEDER
Nico-MOS Non-Vitamin Products
Salmostat Non-Vitamin Products
MicroNIL-S Non-Vitamin Products
Sanidrink Non-Vitamin Products
Acimix Non-Vitamin Products
Growmore Non-Vitamin Products
Hatchcare Non-Vitamin Products
Nicometh+ Non-Vitamin Products
Mycotyl Non-Vitamin Products
Nico BMD Non-Vitamin Products
HBC-Bio Non-Vitamin Products
NicoProtic Non-Vitamin Products
Nicobetian Non-Vitamin Products
Nicoliv-LK Non-Vitamin Products
Digeliv Non-Vitamin Products
Nicophyte plus 5X & 5X G Non-Vitamin Products
Nicophyte plus Non-Vitamin Products
Nicozyme Non-Vitamin Products
Flyban Non-Vitamin Products
Nicovit A Vitamin Products
Nicosol A oral Vitamin Products
Nicomix AD3 EC Vitamin Products
Nicomix AD3 1000/ 200 Vitamin Products
Nicomix AD3 500/ 100 Vitamin Products
Nicomix AD3 50/5 Vitamin Products
D Mix -60 Vitamin Products
Nicomix BE B complex vitamins with vit. E
Nicomix ABDK / ABDK TS General Vitamin Premix
Nicstrong B powder Vitamin Products
Nicomix B12 DS Concentrated Form of Vit. B12
Nicomix-Vitamin Premix Vitamin Products
Nicomix-Trace Mineral Premix Vitamin Products
Vitamin A Palmitate 1.6 mIU/g Direct Vitamins
Vitamin A Acetate 2 mIU/g Direct Vitamins
Vitamin A Acetate 1000 Direct Vitamins
D-Mix 500 Direct Vitamins
D-Mix 60 Direct Vitamins
Nicomix A Oral Liquid Vitamin A
Vitamin E 50% Direct Vitamins
Nicomix BB Breeder Vitamin Premix
Nicomix Breeder Breeder Vitamin Premix
Nicomix Breeder Plus with Vit.C Breeder Vitamin Premix
Nicomix Unnatee Breeder Vitamin Premix
Nicomix Bro Broiler Vitamin Premix
Nicomix Broiler Broiler Vitamin Premix
Nicomix Kwality Broiler Vitamin Premix
Nicomix AD3EC Oral Liquid Vitamin Premix
Nicomix 6 Ultra Layer Vitamin Premix
Nicomix High Performance Layer Vitamin Premix
Nicomix Premium Layer Vitamin Premix
Nicomix Prime Layer Vitamin Premix
Nicomix Super-II Layer Vitamin Premix
Nicomix Superlay Layer Vitamin Premix
Nicomix Ultima Layer Vitamin Premix
Nicomix Ultimate Layer Vitamin Premix
Nicomix Layermix Layer Vitamin Premix
Nicomix Finemix Layer Vitamin Premix
Nicomix Superior Layer Vitamin Premix
Vitamin AD3 500/50 General Vitamin Premix
Vitamin AD3 500/100 General Vitamin Premix
Vitamin AD3E 100:40:40 General Vitamin Premix