Discovery Analytical Support Services

Working 24/7 to validate your chemistry

Our dedicated analytical suites contain advanced analytical equipment and a team of over 60 analytical scientists (1 analytical scientist for every 5 chemists) which supports the synthetic and medicinal chemists 24/7.

The analytical team collaborates with the chemists and lead method development, preparative purification and characterization, allowing the chemists to target the trouble-shooting time and efficiency, ensuring the delivery is on-time.

Key featured services offered:

  • Chiral purification-gram scale by Super Critical Fluid Chromatography
  • Prep HPLC purification services
  • Impurity isolation and characterization
  • NMR analysis e.g. H-NMR,C-NMR, 2D experiments, N-NMR, P-NMR, F-NMR
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis by HPLC
  • LCMS analysis by using single quadruple mass detector

Key Equipments:

  • Two Multi-probe, Variable Temperature High field NMRs
  • 11 Preparative HPLCs
  • 9 LCMs
  • 8 HPLCs
  • Preparatory SFC 200 for isolation/ and purification
  • SFC investigator for Chiral method development

Various detectors, GCs, microwaves and scientific equipments are available to enable high quality purification and analysis.