We have a product basket of more than 30+ ready to offer APIs with DMF & other regulatory filings across CNS, CVS, Anti-infective, Anti-diabetic segments to name a few. We also have 10 molecules in the pipeline.

To help you find the generic API you require, we've listed our generic API product range below. You can also use our 'Find an API' search tool to get quick access to the information you need.

Peptide APIs (Under Development)
Product Name Category Name CAS NO
Abaloparatide acetate Peptide 247062-33-5
Atosiban acetate Peptide 914453-95-5
Corticotropin acetate Peptide 12427-33-7
Degarelix acetate Peptide 934016-19-0
Glatiramer acetate Peptide 386750-22-7
Glucagon acetate Peptide 16941-32-5
Lanreotide acetate Peptide 127984-74
Linaclotide acetate Peptide 851199-60-5
Liraglutide acetate Peptide 204656-20-2
Plecanatide acetate Peptide 467426-54-6
Semaglutide acetate Peptide 910463-68-2
Teduglutide acetate Peptide 197922-42-2
Triptorelin acetate Peptide 140194-24-7
CEP Approved CEP Approved
CEP Applied CEP Applied


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