In-vitro-ADME Services

In vitro facilities at PDS provide absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME) services for faster and improved decision making points or standalone offering to support drug discovery programs. Cost-efficient, standardized and customized assays for ADME parameters are provided to the clients.

Our ADME capabilities include:

  • Physicochemical screening
    • Aqueous solubility (Thermodynamic and Kinetic method)
    • Log P (Octanol/water)
    • Log D (Octanol/PBS)
  • Permeability
    • PAMPA
    • CaCo – 2
    • MDCK (wild type)
  • Protein Binding
    • Plasma Protein Binding (Equilibrium Dialysis)
  • Drug Metabolism
    • Hepatocyte Stability
    • Microsomal Stability
    • Plasma Stability
  • Drug-Drug interaction
    • CYP inhibition assays (Fluorescent and LCMS/MS based)
  • Others
    • P-Glycoprotein Substrate
    • P-Glycoprotein Inhibition
    • Preliminary BCS Permeability (non-GLP)
    • Metabolite Identification (without structure elucidation)

Bioanalytical Services for Small Molecules (non-GLP)

  • Method development
  • Method Validation
  • Bio-sample analysis

In-Vitro Biology

Biochemical and cell based assays can be developed based on the program requirement:

  • Biochemical Assays
  • Types of assays: Spectrophotometric and Fluorimetric
  • Detection methods: Fluorescence (FRET, TR–FRET) and Absorbance (UV/ VIS)
  • Assay targets: Enzymes (Kinases) and Phosphatases
    • Cell - Based Assays
  • Proliferation (Tetrazolium based)
  • Death (Cytotoxicity)
    • Apoptosis (Caspase 3 & 9)
    • Necrosis (Calcein AM, Trypan blue exclusion, ATP depletion, LDH release)
  • Signaling & second messenger generation (cAMP/cGMP)
  • Chemokine/ Cytokine release (ELISA)
  • GPCRs (Functional assays)

Note: In vivo Biology Services can be offered via trusted 3rd party collaborator.