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Necessitated by the unprecedented situation created by Covid-19, several industry events and tradeshows across the world have been postponed or stand cancelled. While we were looking forward to meet you, we at Piramal Pharma Solutions have had to take several precautionary measures to protect both our employees and customers, worldwide.

As we move forward in these extraordinary times, we want to assure you that that we are operational by taking the right safety measures and abundant precautions to ensure that we continue to support you and your patients.

While all of us are working remotely for now, you can schedule a discussion with us and we would be glad to help ensure you meet your pharmaceutical development and supply needs and thereby, your clinical and commercial timelines.

Please feel free to reach out to us at:

Our best wishes to colleagues, friends and family.

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Stuart Needleman  LinkedIn

Chief Commercial Officer &
Chief Patient Centricity Officer, Piramal Pharma Solutions

Stuart Needleman currently holds the position of Chief Commercial Officer at Piramal Pharma Solutions (PPS), overseeing the company's global business development initiatives. Leading a diverse portfolio of services encompassing drug discovery, clinical development, and commercial supply of both drug substances and products, Mr. Needleman has consistently driven the business development team to achieve record-breaking results throughout his tenure. His expertise lies in steering sustainable growth at attractive margins and cultivating seamless, integrated solutions for drug development and manufacturing.

Mr. Needleman is also responsible for driving profitable growth for the company’s API Generics and Nutrition Solutions Businesses.

In addition to his role as Chief Commercial Officer, Mr. Needleman serves as the Chief Patient Centricity Officer for PPS. In this capacity, his mission is to instill patient-centric behavior throughout the global organization. Ensuring that all employees, from the production floor to the executive suite, comprehend their role in advancing the company's goal of alleviating the burden of disease on patients is central to his responsibilities.

With nearly five decades of experience in the pharmaceutical services industry, Mr. Needleman is a recognized authority in the contract services segment. His leadership roles have spanned global business development, sales and marketing, and operations. Prior to joining Piramal Pharma Solutions (PPS), he held the position of President at Laurus Synthesis, a subsidiary of Laurus Labs, and served as President and Chief Operating Officer at Aptuit, a prominent global contract services company. Over the course of his career, Mr. Needleman has played pivotal roles at Cambrex, Oxford Asymmetry, ChiRex, and Rhodia Pharma Solutions.

Mr. Needleman holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering and an MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI).

Leadership Team

Peter DeYoung    LinkedIn

CEO, Piramal Global Pharma

Herve Berdou    LinkedIn

Chief Operating Officer, Piramal Pharma Solutions

Paolo Fiorino    LinkedIn

Executive Vice President,
North America API and Formulations, Piramal Pharma Solutions

Robert Munday    LinkedIn

Executive Vice President,
Aeseptic and Biologics, Piramal Pharma Solutions

Debashish Chakravorty    LinkedIn

Executive Vice President, India and UK Formulations

Surinder Gulati    LinkedIn

Executive Vice President,
India API and Operations, Piramal Pharma Solutions

Rashida Najmi    LinkedIn

Chief Quality Officer, Piramal Pharma Solutions

Christopher Leahy    LinkedIn

Senior Vice President,
Finance, Piramal Pharma Solutions