Why We Give

20 Dec 2016

In Atlanta, Georgia, the Boys & Girls Club decided to do a Christmas experiment. 83% of the children that attend the B&G Club are low-income with some of the families not even being able to afford a Christmas tree. The children were asked what one th...

The QP in the EU

29 Nov 2016

If you are a US-based company manufacturing in the US and you export your drug products in the EU, either by yourself or through a partner, you need to know EU requirements and you will face inspections based on those EU requirements.

Why It's Never Too Early to Start Considering Clinical Supplies as Part of Your Development Program

07 Nov 2016

All too often the planning process for clinical supplies begins after the clinical program is set in stone and the clock is ticking. It is not uncommon to have less than 30 days from first discussions to having a requirement for supplies to be at cli...

Technical Writing in the Pharmaceutical Industry

31 Oct 2016

Technical writing is not a new idea. Any type of communication written for and about industry and business with a focus on products and/or services is technical writing. Almost everyone within a company has written a form of technical document – from...

Drug Delivery Methods and Therapies for Cancer Treatment

08 Sep 2016

Cancer is a widely known disease involving abnormal and uncontrolled cell proliferation resulting in solid tumor development or blood cancer conditions. Therefore, when it comes to fighting cancer, the aim is to kill the cancerous cells and/or inhibi...

PMP: Exposure to Global Project Management Methodology

15 Aug 2016

At Piramal Pharma Solutions customer satisfaction is of utmost importance and we strive to meet our customers’ needs in every way we can. Our main goal is to deliver quality products within scope while still keeping budgets and timelines under contro...