Route Scouting Strategy focus on Fit for Purpose (FFP) approach

02 Mar 2016

Piramal’s Route Scouting Strategy focuses on Fit for Purpose (FFP) approach that serves various customers across discovery through commercialization, life cycle management and Generics.

Access to complex intermediates and APIs poses significant challenges in acceleration of R&D and commercialization of new medicine in the pharmaceutical and biotech companies. In order to overcome these issues many pharmaceutical and biotech companies are looking for support from partners both inside and outside the organization. Route scouting and enabling technologies plays a key role in the API drug development process to provide new routes that are shorter, safer, economic, sustainable and has lower impact on the environment.

Recently, Piramal has strengthened the route scouting function with a team of highly motivated scientists trained at renowned universities across the world. Piramal can offer route scouting services for pre-clinical, early phase development, late phase development, and commercial intermediate and API projects including generic APIs.
Usually, for pre-clinical and early phase development projects, accessing reasonable quantities of key intermediates and APIs are in critical path. Piramal route scouting function can design new synthetic route and provide the required quantities (1-2 kg) with short lead times to support customer’s preclinical and early phase development studies.

For late phase development, timelines being critical, having a safe, sustainable and efficient process is also equally important. The Piramal route scouting function can design and develop safer, cost-effective, greener, scalable routes for RSM (Registered Starting Material) and API and support customer’s late phase clinical studies and ultimately these routes can be commercialized at lower API cost and less PMI. For generic API synthesis, cost of the API and environmental footprint is very critical. The Piramal route scouting function can design and develop cost-effective routes for generic APIs.

The Piramal route scouting function is completely integrated with the development; tech transfer and commercialization teams such that intermediates or API can be seamlessly produced on commercial scale when required.


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