Investigative Report Writing

13 Apr 2017

According to a report by the FDA (FY2010), the third most common reason for a 483 (violation) was because of inadequate content of investigations or not completing an investigation in a timely manner. One of the most common mistakes made by the write...

Our Facility Expanding With The Market

12 Jan 2017

According to recent trends in the market, the global contract pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is increasing at an average annual rate of 7.5% and is predicted to reach $79.24 billion in revenue by the year 2019. The market research firm, Vision...

Maximizing Efficiency for Our Clients

02 Jan 2017

A goal of any pharmaceutical manufacturer is the pursuit of the most efficient equipment available. This equipment can increase output, reduce downtime, cut costs, and increase overall productivity while also adhering to strict cGMP requirements. The...

Why We Give

20 Dec 2016

In Atlanta, Georgia, the Boys & Girls Club decided to do a Christmas experiment. 83% of the children that attend the B&G Club are low-income with some of the families not even being able to afford a Christmas tree. The children were asked what one th...

The QP in the EU

29 Nov 2016

If you are a US-based company manufacturing in the US and you export your drug products in the EU, either by yourself or through a partner, you need to know EU requirements and you will face inspections based on those EU requirements.

Why It's Never Too Early to Start Considering Clinical Supplies as Part of Your Development Program

07 Nov 2016

All too often the planning process for clinical supplies begins after the clinical program is set in stone and the clock is ticking. It is not uncommon to have less than 30 days from first discussions to having a requirement for supplies to be at cli...