Route Scouting

We assist our partners in developing cost effective, competitively advantaged, and robust chemical processes that emphasize atom efficiency and minimize waste.

A few challenges that we have previously addressed includes the following:

  • I have a medicinal chemistry route; I need to make 100--250 gms for GLP Tox studies
  • I need a robust route for Tox/Ph I; my route uses reagents that are expensive OR not available in bulk
  • My route uses toxic or hard to handle reagents
  • I have multiple chromatographic separations leading to significant loss in yields
  • I am going to face generic competition and need a cost effective route at scale to be competitive
  • I want to reduce the number of steps, or decrease the cycle time to release capacity
  • I want non-infringing route

Drivers for Route Scouting

  • Rapid Development of Robust chemistry that is readily scalable
  • Apply innovation such as Biocatalysis, Organocatalysis, Advanced flow systems, and Continuous flow systems
  • Photo and Electrochemistry
  • Reduce number of reaction steps for key intermediates
  • Decrease the timeline for scale-up
  • Decrease the cost of API