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Partner with us &
Patient Centricity

Stuart Needlemanin

Chief Commercial Officer &
Chief Patient Centricity Officer

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Herve Berdouin

Chief Operating Officer, Piramal Pharma Solutions

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Robert Mundayin

Executive Vice President,
Aeseptic and Biologics(Bob)

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Debashish Chakravortyin

Executive Vice President, India and UK Formulations

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Surinder Gulatiin

Executive Vice President, Manufacturing, India API

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Quality, Regulatory Affairs &

Rashida Najmiin

Chief Quality Officer, Piramal Pharma Limited

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Environment, Health &
Safety policy

Harish Vermain

VP & Global EHS Head

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Partner with us
(North America & RoW)

Amar Karandikarin

Vice President - Business Development and Global Commercial Head PNS

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David Blackin

Head of Business Development, Europe

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Program Management &
Integrated Projects

Kevin Duffieldin

Head, Client Services
(North America & Europe)

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Discovery Services

K V Sharadsrikar,

Sr. VP Operations, PDS
& R&D Head API (India)

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Formulation Development

Umesh Barabde,

Site Head,
PPDS Ahmedabad

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Operational Excellence

Manoj Zalpuriin

Director of Operations, Riverview & Global Operation Excellence Lead

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Sterile Fill Finish

Sundar Neelakantanin

R&D Director, Lexington

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