Getting Into the Hearts and Minds of Your Customers!!

Customer Centricity is the evolution from being “Product centric” to “Customer centric”. Thus it is a function that focuses on the customer and what it takes to move beyond the reactive and into the proactive mode of operation – looking at ways to improve processes, communications, and project management. Thus we are not only able to better understand and predict customer needs, but are also able to implement and leverage solutions that allow for automated and prompt insights about entire customer segments.

We as an organisation are persistently focused on Customer Centricity and we actively 'think' and 'act' with the customer in mind at all times. Every decision that is made by the business is done so consciously understanding the effect that decision will have on the customer. We define it as ‘truly understanding and anticipating customers’ needs and using this to design and deliver a unique experience across the entire organisation that effectively meets these needs in a profitable way.’

In order to drive sustainable growth across our business, it is essential that we are able to continuously get better at meeting the needs and expectations of our customers. In an increasingly competitive and challenging market place, it may not be enough for us to rely on the quality and uniqueness of our products and services alone. Going forward, it is essential that we are able to differentiate ourselves across the entire end to end Customer Experience.

At Piramal, whilst our company values have always driven our business to behave in a customer centric manner, the multi-national nature of the organization has made it challenging for the whole business to act consistently in a customer focused way. As a B2B organization, we believe that we exists because our customer has a need for product or services to service end customers (patients).


“We have been extremely satisfied with the quality of the work performed, the level of engagement, and overall customer service.”

Mid Pharma working with our Aurora site

“I have been quite pleased with the available capabilities, the turnaround time and reliability of the data. I especially appreciate the extra efforts of wanting to set-up new assays that the project may need to move it forward.”

North American Biotech client engaged with our Ahmedabad site

“The team at Piramal is very responsive, able to understand the customer need and provide needed expertise, many times the R&D team is going beyond, evaluating literature and providing inputs, challenging the assumptions.”

Big Pharma client in Europe

“With a problematic project, the team have always been ahead of the game, looking for solutions before the problems became serious. I feel my project is in safe hands.”

Client working on Clinical Trial project

“A great customer experience can deliver tremendous strategic and economic value to a business, in a way that’s difficult for competitors to replicate.”

CX Insights

Customer Satisfaction Index

Employed for measuring internal and external customer satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Index