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Pharmaceutical Technology Platforms

Pharmaceutical Technology

We offer formulation based special technology platforms to give the edge to our customers trying to be in the niche segments. The technology platforms can also be used to non-infringe the processes while developing a generic formulation


Nano formulations (Inhalation / Intranasal / Intravenous formulations)

Why Nano formulations?

  • Alter pharmacokinetics and bio-distribution of drug
  • Facilitate targeted delivery of drugs
  • Sustained local therapeutic drug levels
  • Reduced toxicity, side-effects
  • Enhance stability: Peptides
  • Enhance solubility of poorly soluble agents

Applications (Examples)

  • Intranasal Nano formulations: Anti Migraine
    Localized delivery to brain, sustained release, decreased dosing frequency, enhanced permeability

Liposomes (Inhalation / Intravenous formulations)

Why Liposomes?

  • Serve as a solubilization matrix for poorly soluble agents
  • Act as a pulmonary sustained release reservoir
  • Facilitate intracellular delivery of drugs
  • Prevent local irritation of lung tissue and reduce pulmonary toxicity
  • Prolong local therapeutic drug levels
  • Generate high intracellular drug concentrations

Applications (Examples)

  • Liposomes (Inhalation/ Intranasal)- Antifungal agent
    Localized action in lung for treating fungal infection, sustains release, prevent local irritation of lung tissue, reduce pulmonary toxicity

PEGylated formulations

Why PEGylation?

  • Increases solubility of drug in aqueous media.
  • Increases half-life of the drug, thus reducing the dosage frequency.
  • Stabilizes and improves the therapeutic activity of the drug.
  • Reduces toxic side effects, and increases quality of life due to controlled release

Applications (Examples)

  • PEGylated formulations – Estrogen receptor antagonist
    Increase solubility in aqueous media, increase the half-life due to prolonged circulation time, reduce toxicity, better stability over a wide range of temperature and pH.


Why co-crystals?

  • Opportunity to modify properties of drug
  • To crystallize difficult API’s
  • Alternative to salt form (useful for non-ionizable API’s)

Applications (Examples)

  • Co-Crystal – Carbamazepine
    Enhanced physical stability, dissolution rate and oral bioavailability

 Paediatric Formulations

Our Capabilities

  • Formulation development of :
    • Oral Liquids (solutions/suspensions)
    • Chewable Tablets
    • Mouth Dissolving (Dispersible) Tablets
    • Powder for reconstitution
    • Effervescent powders/tablets
    • Parenterals
    • Age appropriate Tablets and capsules
  • Taste Masking Technologies ( Art work can be changed)

In addition to simplistic approaches for paediatric formulations, Piramal R&D development services can offer Taste Masking technologies to achieve desirable formulations.

  • Design regulatory strategy , clinical applications, review of CMC and clinical study reports

Salient Features

  • NCE mindset of scientific understanding of kinetics and stability
  • Regulatory understanding of global requirements
  • Track record of aggressive learning to create competitive edge
  • Ability to understand the product + package value


  • Ahmedabad, India
  • Mumbai, India