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Pharmaceutical products & services

In Vitro & In Vivo Pharmacology

Our biology facilities have been developed to provide faster decision-making points for our chemistry clients. Since 2008, we have doubled both our capacity as well as capability to include a range of pharmacology services to evaluate activity and/or potential liability of compounds.  Currently, we are executing biology studies for several of our clients whose medicinal chemistry work is also being carried out by us; thus reducing the iterative cycle time of drug discovery and helping clients progress their compounds faster through the discovery stage.  The biology work is available on a stand-alone basis as well as part of an integrated drug discovery project.

In vitro assays

  • ADME: solubility, permeability, CYPinhibition / induction, plasma stability (across different species), different species), plasma protein binding
  • Target-based: enzymatic / kinase assays, binding assays, GPCR assays
  • Cell-based: ELISA, proliferation, apoptosis, phosphorylation status, insulin sensitizer assays, cytokine production assays using hPBMCs, signal transduction assays

In vivo assays

  • Collagen-induced arthritis
  • Adjuvant-induced arthritis
  • DSS-induced colitis
  • TNBS-induced colitis
  • PMA-induced psoriasis / atopic dermatitis
  • IMQ-induced psoriasis / atopic dermatitis
  • Diet-induced obesity model
  • Fat tolerance test
  • Glucose tolerance test
  • STZ-induced diabetes
  • Cytokine release
  • Single / repeat dose acute toxicity
  • Oral bioavailability / tissue distribution studies

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