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Pharmaceutical Special Technologies

Technology Platforms

We offer formulation based special technology platforms to our customers to meet their specific needs from formulation development to dosage form manufacturing.

Our technology platforms

  • Hormonal Formulations
  • Paediatric Formulation
  • Surge Dose® Drug Delivery Technology
  • Taste Masking Technology
  • Press Coated Tablets

Hormonal Formulations

We are a reliable, experienced, low risk supplier of hormonal based solid dose formulations, offering development, manufacturing and packaging services from dedicated and segregated facilities.

Our Capabilities:

Site Location: Morpeth, UK

Salient Features:

  • More than 40 years’ experience with hormonal based products
  • Site accredited with MHRA and FDA approvals
  • Can handle
    • Oral Contraceptives Pills
    • Hormone Replacement Therapies, Gynaecological oral therapies
    • Oncology hormonal based products &
    • Miscellaneous compounds with actions related to sex hormones

Paediatric Formulation

Paediatric Formulation

Surge Dose® Drug Delivery Technology

Targeted for drugs used in acute indications where high variability is associated with sub-optimal efficacy such as:

  • Acute episodic conditions taken on demand
    • pain, migraine, allergy, anxiety, nausea, insomnia, erectile dysfunction, stimulants
  • Acute or chronic conditions with demonstrated variable absorption
    • provides more consistent efficacy regardless of physiological conditions
    • reduces incidence of sub-therapeutic dose failure
  • High incidence of side effects
    • may allow dose reduction with lower incidence ofside effects without losing efficacy (e.g. eletriptan)

Surge Dose® Technology ensures

Surge Dose Technology ensures

Clinical Proposition

  • More efficacious
    • Less variable absorption with more fast profiles will increase mean Cmax within the normal range
    • Fewer slow profiles reduce the frequency of sub-therapeutic peak plasma concentrations
    • Potential for same clinical effect with reduced dosage
  • Fastest oral relief on demand
    • Faster absorption approaching that of a solution by minimizing in vivo dissolution time of solid dosage forms

Taste Masking Technology

Taste Masking Technology in Oral solid dose forms is offered from our development centre at Ahmedabad, India. The technology can be utilized in formulations with Immediate or Delayed release profiles and can be extended across different types of formulations such as Orally Disintegrating tablets and Modified Release tablets.

Taste Masking Strategies in Formulation Development include

  • Perception modulators: Sweeteners,  Flavours 
  • Reducing solubility / dissolution rate: in oral cavity
  • Wurster coating
    • Powder and Granules
  • Ionic resins
    • Complexation agent
  • Cyclodextrin
    • Complexation agent

Press Coated Tablets

Press Coated Tablets also known as Tablet-in-Tablet technology is a specialized technology for manufacture of combination solid dosage forms. This technology can be used to formulate modified release products and can  taste mask unpleasant drugs by incorporating these drugs in core tablet. Incompatible APIs can be included in a single tablet with the help of this technology.

  • Experienced in rapid product development and technical transfer capability 
  • Ability to support ANDA development of press coated formulations
  • Site is equipped with partially segregatedtemperature & humidity controlled area having dedicated air handling system

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    Amar Karandikar
    Head Business Development, Formulations (North America)
    Landline: +1 732-686-5319
    Email: amar.karandikar@piramal.com