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Pharmaceutical Formulation Services

Pharmaceutical Development Services

Our Research and Development facilities in UK and India are equipped to cater to your specific development needs. Our capabilities are centred on technologies pertaining to Solid Dosage forms. We are an integrated global solutions provider and have the flexibility of simultaneously engaging our facilities to ensure a speedy delivery through parallel development, proximity to market and a saving in development costs.

Services Offered

  • Pre-formulation Studies
  • Formulation Development
  • Analytical Services

Pre-formulation Studies

  • Selection of form
    • Salt screening
    • Polymorph screening
    • Co-crystal screening
  • Physico-chemical characterization
  • pH Solubility & Stability
  • Solubility in bio-relevant medium
  • Solubility enhancement
  • Solid state stability
  • Forced degradation study
  • Stability indicating method development
  • Determination of Log P, Log D and pKa
  • Excipient compatibility

Formulation Development

  • Phase I to III Clinical Development (NCEs)
    • Powder-in-bottle to Drug-in-capsules
    • Liquid filled capsules
    • Comparator Studies
  • Formulation Development in Various Dosage Forms
    • Conventional Oral Solid Dosages
    • Press coated tablets (Sub Coated Tablets)
    • Bi-layered
    • Granules for Reconstitution
    • Sterile Liquids – Injectables  & Ophthalmic
    • Non- Sterile Liquid Oral Formulations
    • Semi Solid Formulations
  • Paediatric formulations
  • Oncology Molecules (Sterile and Solid Dosages)
  • Complete development of ANDAs / CTDs
  • Pilot GMP manufacturing suites to support Clinical / BE studies

Sterile Injectable & Semi Solids R&D Center

Oral Solids R&D Center

Analytical Services

  • Analytical Method Development / Validation
  • Pharmacokinetic Testing
  • Microbiological Testing
  • Chiral Purity, Diffusion test & Dissolution Studies
  • Viscosity / Rheological Properties
  • Stand-alone stability services

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