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Pharmaceutical products & services

Piramal Discovery Solutions

We, Piramal Discovery Solutions (formerly known as O2h) are an integral part of PiramalPharma Solutions and deliver early stage drug discovery services to Pharma companies, Biotech companies and Academic institutions.

Our 10,000 m2; (100,000+ ft2;) greenfield campus is located in a Special Economic Zone (SEZ), which is a government sponsored industrial park with specialized infrastructure to encourage export and industrialization. Our campus benefits from on-site customs clearance, central waste and power management and secure buildings with access control points.

Our modern and advanced facility hosts 28 lab units (12 fume-hood reconfigurable modules), a write-up area and research campus that accommodates over 300 scientists.

Our specialized areas are

  • Medicinal and Synthetic Chemistry
  • In vitro and in vivo Pharmacology
  • Integrated Drug Discovery